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LOVE is such a precious thing.

It’s fragile, and it’s rare.

It damages so easily,

So handle it with care.

It’s free to those who seek it.

There’s enough for all to share.

The more that LOVE is given out,

The more there is to spare


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Posted on 12:35AM on Dec 25th, 2012
Posted on 02:09AM on Dec 25th, 2012
Thank You!
Posted on 07:18PM on Jan 26th, 2013
I think part of it stems from the fact that we use one word for love. The Greeks had over 20. I think the Greeks were much closer the way it should be. If I would tell you that I love you after being in each others circle you would possibly think I was trying to manipulate you, or I was nuts. I could just mean love in the sense that I care what happens to you. Since I used the word love though it is easy to get misunderstood.
Posted on 08:03PM on Jan 26th, 2013
I seek the truth in all things. Most of the relationships I know of that broke down happened because someone he was not truthful in what they said or withheld telling the truth which to me is a lie as well. Once again if I said I love you, but I had a some conditions for that love, that I did not express. That is a lie that I love you. My opinion.
Posted on 03:37AM on Jan 27th, 2013
I agree with you.
Posted on 07:37AM on Feb 1st, 2013
Thank You!
I think the greater the love the more unselfish it becomes.
You certainly seem to have great love for many.
Posted on 12:23PM on Feb 1st, 2013
What a wonderful blessing you have cultivated.
So wonderful and rare.
You have so much to give away;
you are very quick to share. : )
PrayersPeace for You.
Posted on 08:55PM on Jun 25th, 2013
I really truly do love this so much. :) It's nice, simple, but full of meaning. I always love quietly loud little poems like that. ^_^
Posted on 09:08PM on Jun 25th, 2013
Thank You Snow. I really like it for the same reasons. With your wonderful talent you could be writing like this if you tried. You are truly blessed for one so young.
Most of us do not have your talent after a life time of trying.
Posted on 07:57AM on Jul 20th, 2013
Beautiful quote.And so true!
Posted on 08:12AM on Jul 20th, 2013
Thank You berangere.
I do not share fine works as much as you do, but occsionally one touches me and I feel the need to share as well.
Posted on 07:58AM on Jul 30th, 2013
Nice! I am blessed to have found such a degree of love, on so many levels as I have found with you. xo I love you.
Posted on 10:44AM on Jul 30th, 2013
Thank You Breeze. We are both very blessed on so many levels because of our love for each other. Looking forward to many years of this shared love, if continue to be so blessed.
Posted on 09:52AM on Aug 14th, 2013
Nice..Love is a beautiful thing and it can be of many forms and only some people are lucky to have them in their life.
Posted on 06:06PM on Aug 14th, 2013
You are very wise. There are many forms and some people can share many forms and others not so many. The more you give away the more you seem to get back is what I have found in my life.
There is a catch though. You can not give it away with the intention that you will get it back.
Posted on 10:51PM on Aug 15th, 2013
I have always been thinking that I deserve to be loved back when I love someone..I am actually not sure how it works. I have loved people - friends,family, special someone but it seems to be that I do not deserve to be loved back...i should not expect it in my life..I am not lucky. And lately I am learning that when I love someone I should not be expect them to love me...though I am not sure how relationships would work if one person cares and other person does not.
Posted on 11:59AM on Aug 16th, 2013
Very difficult subject. There are at least 20 different types of love. When you say you love to get on ep, love your parents, love your pet, you use the same four letter word, but they mean different things.
I have found when I chase love it can be very illusive. When I plant the seed of love with someone and just visit it every once in awhile to make sure it is still growing I have had much more success. It takes practice, but I think you will have success if you try: )
Posted on 12:54PM on Aug 16th, 2013
I know, 'love' it is the easiest word in our dictionary and the most complicated of all.. :(
I wish they taught about life's complexities in school,maybe i would have grasped it better.
Posted on 01:10PM on Aug 16th, 2013
It is so complicated and has so many complexities that few would be qualified to teach it.
I think you are studying and learning now : )
Posted on 05:57PM on Dec 20th, 2013
5 months later... *smile* We continue to be blessed. Before we know it...tick-tock tick-tock a blessed year has flown by. hmm.. in less than a couple months from now. big *smile*
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